3L - 2020 - 100% PURE Greek EV Olive Oil

3L - 2020 - 100% PURE Greek EV Olive Oil

3L (3.17 Qt) Tin
2020 EVOO 3L on SALE!
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This 2020 oil is STILL WONDERFUL, and you can purchase with confidence! 

PURE Olive oil is VERY STABLE and retains quality if kept in these conditions: cool, dark, and low air exposure.  The tin takes care of the dark and low oxygen requirements, so if it's in a cool place, it will be good for 5-6 years.  We store the olive oil in our basement.

When you open the 3L tin, it is recommended to rebottle all of it to keep the oxygen exposure low in the unused portion, unless you go through the 3L within about a month.

What's so great about Manetas Greek Olive Oil? 

Have you ever stood in a grocery store aisle looking at the shelves of olive oil and wondered which one to buy? Which one is actually worth the money?   Here's the answer:  Manetas OliveYards Olive Oil, but it's not available in your grocery store!

It is the REAL DEAL for your health!

1) No chemical additives or cheaper oils added to make it qualify for EVOO status or to make it cheaper to produce. (Are you tired of corporate deception, yet?!). 
2) Produced from Koroneiki olives, the variety with the highest anti-oxidant levels. 
3) The olives are hand-harvested from trees untreated by chemicals.  
4) Single FAMILY ESTATE origin"!! 

  Flat rate: We can ship four 1L tins OR one 3L tin anywhere in the continental states and Canada for $16.25. And, two 3L tins can be shipped anywhere for about $22.    Variable rate: For 1-2 1L tins, a variable rate box is best and cost depends on distance. 
For an approximate idea, 1-2 1L tins can be shipped for about $8 to neighboring states and for about $11 to CA. We do our best to find the least shipping for your order and adjust invoices to reflect actual shipping costs.

Using your olive oil:
 Our favorite way to use older olive oil is to cook vegetables in it or drizzle it in soups and stews just before bringing them to the table.  
We use the newly harvested oil to to make SALAD DRESSING!  It is as simple as 1/4 cup Olive Oil, 2-3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar or lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper (season to taste). With Manetas Olive Oil, this is delicious without anything more, although adding some fresh or dried herbs (like 1/2 t Oregano) is wonderful, too. ++



100% Pure Manetas Greek Olive Oil