The Fisk's Favorite Fish Fry Batter

July 25, 2020 • 0 comments

We've fried pan fish in various ways. This is our favorite. I especially like the less mess of one-and-done dipping over the method of dipping in flour, dipping in liquid, and dipping in flour again. "Less mess" is relative, of course, a fish fry is messy no matter how you do it, and that's why we REALLY like the outdoor potluck party style, frying in a cast iron pot over an open fire! Do a lot at once when you've got the mess happening, make the mess outside, and have a LOT of fun doing it with your family and friends to enjoy the cooking and the eating! Enjoy!


  • (1 cup) flour
  • (1/4 c (plus)) water
  • (3/4 cup) milk
  • (1/4 teaspoon) baking powder
  • (1 1/2 teaspoons) salt
  • (1/4 teaspoon) paprika (preferably "smoked")
  • (1/8 teaspoon) garlic powder
  • (1/4 teaspoon) onion powder
  • (pinch) cayenne pepper, ground


Mix all ingredients together with a whisk and you're all set to fry fish! 

We enjoy frying in beef tallow or coconut oil that's been refined enough to take the coconut flavor out.