The Fisk's Favorite Fish Fry Batter
We've fried pan fish in various ways. This is our favorite. I especially like the less mess of one-and-done dipping over the method of dipping in flour, dipping in liquid, and dipping in flour again. "Less mess" is relative, of course, a fish fry is messy no matter how you do it, and that's why we REALLY like the outdoor potluck party style, frying in a cast iron pot over an open fire! Do a lot at once when you've got the mess happening, make the mess outside, and have a LOT of fun doing it with your family and friends to enjoy the cooking and the eating! Enjoy!
30 min. Roasted Chicken Parts
This simple recipe is our favorite way to roast chicken parts. I serve the chicken directly from the pan for family-style, but be careful the pan is HOT; I usually let it cool 10 min before serving. Our favorite sides are an apple salad, steamed broccoli, and sweet potatoes. If your oven allows it, you can roast diced sweet potatoes at the same time as the chicken!