Ground Pork, bulk

Ground Pork, bulk

1 lb. / pkg
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Ground Pork is another super-versatile product for the health conscious cook.  Breakfast/supper one-skillet hash and omelets, Pizza (on egg crust, if you want low-carb).  Make it into Italian (hot or mild), Breakfast, or Mexican Chorizo!  It's SO EASY! And, I'll share my recipes, if you've never done it before!

Now you can BE CERTAIN that your flavored pork products do not contain MSG and preservatives by making your own sausage.  

I have found that ground pork available in grocery stores is much too lean for making pork sausage.  So, I requested our processor to make sure that this ground pork has the same fat content as pork sausage. YAY!

Finally, if our lean ground beef is too lean for your taste, add the ground pork and make your hamburgers a little fattier. YUM!