Whole Chicken, Pre-processing Only

Whole Chicken, Pre-processing Only

4.5 - 6 lb per package
Pre-season Ordering Only
$0.50/lb. savings
$4.00/lb. $3.50/lb. Avg. 5 lb.
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About the chickens:  Whole and large. Did you know, like a turkey, the bigger the chicken the more meat per pound you are buying? A best-buy for folks who are serious about eating healthfully AND saving money. The leftover parts are ideal for making bone stock, that gut-healing, body-nourishing, flavor-enhancing miracle food! Seriously!! Soup, rice, and beans NEVER tasted so good before using BONE STOCK!!  Watch for the blog post that details how to make it, and what to do with it!

Did you know that you can roast a whole frozen chicken, straight from the freezer starting midday, and have it for supper? Brown it breast-side down at 500 degrees for 15 min.  Turn it over and roast another 20 min.  Season, cover, and continue to roast at 200 for 3-4 hours, depending on size and how many are in your roaster.  I often do two at a time, because they fit in the roaster pictured in the photo, and because I can have roasted chicken for supper, cooked chicken ready for another meal like Chicken Enchiladas, and still more for the freezer for another time.  I love leftovers!

Alternatively, I thaw the chicken out and cut it apart to use the dark meat separately from the breast. Just keep the unused parts in a covered container in the fridge until you're ready to use them.


JUST chicken without junk, either during raising OR processing!